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Сегодня приобрела помаду-карандаш и тушь объемную. Очень довольна покупкой, помада 604 помимо очень красивого цвета, очень стойкая. А тушь приподнимает и распушивает мои реснички, сегодня подруга спросила, где я наращиваю реснички)) Очень здорово, что можно заказать через интернет-магазин и через 2 дня получить посылку.

About the Company

New time  - new trends. Only recently the bounds between different nishes of cometics market were sharp and the choice between decorative and caretaking cosmetics was inevitable. The use of professional cosmetics also was very narrow, specifically in beauty shops.

But everything changes fast. The modern lifestyle requires more versatile solutions in the field of make-up, but it also requires much resources to keep the beauty. At the forefront there are well-chosen cosmetics, combining decorative characteristics with everyday caring features.

But must even such "hybrid" cosmetics be professional? And what is the difference?

As a rule, professinal cosmetics defines cosmetic products designed for expert cosmetologists in beauty shops, solariums and helth centers. But there is another young area - professional cosmetics for home use. 

Usually, professional cosmetics acts as an addition to cosmetologic care, nevertheless - and such is the professional cosmetics line from ViSTUDIO - more and more ofthen is used as a standalone cosmetic product.

Such cosmetics includes a more various and balanced mix of nutrients with a clear healing effect. If causes and intensive caring influence, the effect of which overcomes the result of the use of usual cosmetic products. Such intensity is provided by a collection of active elements - cytomeds, fitohormones, liposomes and fruit acid complexes.

An important feature of all the professional cosmetics for home use from ViSTUDIO is a high accuracy of its target - either pigmentation correction, moisturizing of dry or sensitive skin, anti-aging care or softening of wrinkles.

Another feature of professional level cosmetics is high innovation and a fast process of implementing of new formulas in the structure of the production. ViSTUDIO experts are certain that the fast development of professional cosmetics for home use is a new step of development of cosmeceutics, combining the top-class cosmetics and high-quality dermatocosmetics.

Accordingly to top world experts in cosmetics, in the distant future we will see an impressive end of the classic mass-market segment, subsequently displaced but the combiantion of luxury-class cosmetics and the newest healing and caring designs. 

We are sure that the future belongs to professional cosmetics for home use. You can take a step into this future right now with the cosmetics from ViSTUDIO